Many clothes are keeping at home in enough wearable condition without damage and stain.
The holders may not wear them again but are wishing something useful role instead of disposal.

We – Japan Relief Clothing Center, are Japanese Non-Profit Organization, since 1982, many donation clothes are delivered to support the vulnerable people because of poverty, social minority, and nature disaster as well as refugee/IDPs. All the clothes are giving us as goodwill donation by Japanese people to understand and support our activities. We could deliver the clothes 15,244 Kilotons to 86 nations during these 35 years.

For running our relief activity by Clothing, we need EQUAL PARTNERS to distribute them to right beneficiaries. It would be required to import the goods officially, apply tax exception if possible, keep temporal inventory until the actual distribution at your end.

We are very much appreciated if you will contact with us for the contribution by Clothing.

Our activities

As of December/2017

Recipients shipments Weight Kilotons
Thailand 55 1518.8
Lao 67 1418.0
Tanzania 29 1287.0
Peru 52 1008.4
Mongolia 82 860.0
Ghana 47 849.3
Myanmar 19 794.0
DR Congo 34 688.2
Afghanistan 27 528.0
Rwanda 6 521.0
Uganda 14 501.0
Zambia 16 490.0
China 19 436.0
Philippines 15 389.0
South Sudan 3 377.0
Other 71 Nations 315 5293.3
Total 800 16959.0